About the Ministry

What is the Genesis Ministry, Inc.

A.            To provide professional counseling and assistance for the benefit of individual persons, pastors of churches, church groups, missionary groups, and any other clubs or associations in connection with the correction of personal and social difficulties, family and domestic conflicts, marital difficulties, vocational guidance by the application of sound psychological, educational, counseling and testing techniques through which the minds and hearts of said persons will recognize it is not possible to live meaningfully apart from a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through the Bible.

B.            To counsel ministers and missionaries and any other member of the religious community in the utilization of sound techniques of counseling through the use of biblical principles of pastoral counseling, intensified experience in actual counseling situations and through useful counseling literature and materials.

C.            To conduct pre-marital and post-marital counseling and family counseling.

D.            To compose and author publications, manuals, pamphlets, learned journals and treatises, educational material, books and literary articles arising out of any phase of the above mentioned subject matter and to engage in, present and utilize radio, television and any other available form of public communications in order to effectively present to the general public the basic understanding of the work of the corporation, as well as to comply with the general objects set forth above.


In recent years, the Genesis Ministries has functioned closely with the Grace Bible Church of Fayetteville, providing limited counseling services and referral information for counseling inquiries. Dr. Graham continues to actively write and publish helpful materials for biblical counseling and discipleship. He is a regular radio pastor with W.M.H.R., a  Christian radio in Syracuse, NY.   

Beginning Dec. 6, 2020, Dr. Graham has been installed as Interim Pastor at the Skyline Baptist Church, New Floyd Rd., Rome, NY.  During Covid regulations, one service convenes weekly at 11:00 a.m. This service is streamed each Sunday morning.  The Skyline website is: Skylinerome.org.  The church contact number is:  315-337-8651; leave message.