Writing Ministry

Dr. Graham has written extensively for his pastoral and counseling ministry over a period of over forty five years. He has written many articles for the Independent Fundamental Churches of America (I.F.C.A.), Voice Magazine, the Samaritan Ministries periodical publications and editorial articles for various newspapers. Below, is a summary of other books and writings he has completed:

 The Theology of Evangelism (M. Div. Essay, out of print)
 The Local New Testament Church (D.Min Essay, out of print)
 Landmarks of Faith – An elemental study of fundamental doctrines of the faith in workbook form. Each doctrine has both formal instruction and practical impact that are set forth in such a way as to enhance personal discipleship and growth. (Available)
New Release Harnessing the Harassment of Human Fears (Crossbooks) Order Here
Your Problems in Biblical Perspective – Whether one is struggling with problems in marriage, with sickness, life-dominating sins, interpersonal conflicts, or basic questions of life and hope, this material is an invaluable tool in helping people gain a biblical outlook on difficulties. (Available)
 Daily Counselor – One year of daily biblical counsel for a broad range of human needs. Each meditation has particular assignments to assist in the process of change. (Currently being revised for publication in the spring of 2015, or earlier.)
 Undeserved Victory
An evangelistic Sports (wrestling) Tract, i.e., Dr. Graham’s testimony