God Sightings For November 2023

God Sightings For November 2023


“Then David said in his heart, “Now I shall perish one day by the hand of Saul.”  -I Samuel 27:1

When life’s experience seems to run contrary to the nature of God’s promise, things can appear pretty bleak!  Ah, the relentless trials of affliction.  The job search that depletes the savings, as well as the energy, over time. The serious health issues and pain that become a joy quencher through relentless visitation and lingering effect. The deep hurt of relational rejection, familial distancing, or being the continued target of disdain, dislike, even hatred from those we would love.  Well, David, it seems, was physically and emotionally spent; spent for a very long time in his struggle to trust God when his father-in-law made a fox hunt of David’s life. The oppression was long, so long that David believed his life would one day be taken by King Saul.  Dwelling among the enemies of Israel, the Philistines, must be his only recourse (I San. 27:7).  David’s heart was at low tide! Understandably! Yet, David had been anointed as King by the prophet Samuel, and even Saul himself knew the prophecy concerning David when he declared before his army that David would certainly be King and the kingdom would be established in his hand (I Sam. 29:20).  But right now, David didn’t think so. From all appearance—hope was gone. All was lost.

It is in times like these, and these times may be many, that God can only be seen in His promise and through the eyes of faith alone.  When prospect fails and hope seems gone, God’s promise is certain! Etched into the wall of an ancient prison off the shore of Italy are the words, “God will give you justice.”  In the course of our lives, through time and eternity, God has promised that it will be well with the righteous (Isaiah 3:10). Charles Spurgeon once said of this verse, “If God says, ‘it will be well with the righteous,’ then it will be well with the righteous!”

Today, look beyond the weighted curtain of despair and see the movement of God through His promise!