God Sightings February 2024

God Sightings February 2024

February God Sightings

Omniscient Oversight

What hope remained for this post-exilic people when the monarchy had ceased to function beyond the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.? The years of their captivity had been accomplished and so they returned, a small and feeble group to the land of promise, a land which lay at rest until she had fulfilled the duration of her stolen Sabbaths. Yet, the chronicler whets his pen, under the inspiration of God, and records his genealogies from Adam to David to the descendants of Judah and to all the Covenant descendants of Israel.

The genealogy of I Chronicles, chapter three, shows the offspring of David to the sons of Elioenia  which, no doubt, inspired the post-exilic Jews since the list of descendants was current, extending close to, or down to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Though David’s successor, here, is not mentioned, the lineage is being preserved by God despite the appearance of Jehovah’s seeming abandonment of His people. Hope is preserved, however! The promise is secure, “. . .I will confirm him in my house and in my Kingdom forever, and his throne shall be established forever” (I Chronicles 17:14).

The Covenant with David is certain. Omnipresence oversees the plan and redemption will shake out what has never been in jeopardy! God sees straight through history with linear motion and omnipresent oversight of all His good pleasure in Christ Jesus!