Biblical Counseling


The Genesis Ministries maintains that the biblical revelation of God, man, man’s problems, and their solution is the only adequate foundation upon which to construct a counseling model that is totally Christian. The nouthetic concept is being used by God to both instill biblical hope and provide help for a growing number of believers.

The Genesis Ministries is actively involved in studying the message, manner, and method of God’s Word to adequately counsel and meet the various conflicts of the human heart and mind.

Rather than refer and defer to psychiatrists steeped in their humanistic dogma, ministers of the Gospel and other Christian workers who have been called out by God to help His people out of their distresses will be encouraged to reassume their privileges and responsibilities.” – Jay Adams, Competent to Counsel

We share Dr. Adams’ thesis that dedicated Christian workers properly trained in the Scriptures and in Biblically sound counseling are competent to counsel.



The Genesis Ministries is a counseling/discipleship ministry which already has been used of God to help many people with various needs.

Our hope is to be able to deal effectively with a wide range of emotional and relational challenges, and to see individuals restored to a vital, growing relationship to:

– the Lord Jesus Christ

– the dynamic of the Holy Spirit

– the fellowship of the church

– the family and society

Through a combination of personal discipleship, written assignments, self-study materials, prayer, role modeling, etc., the individual who has come for help will be guided to a total restructuring of his perspective on problems. Each client will be helped to realize a God-honoring way to handle his or her conflicts.

The number of counseling sessions will depend upon the needs of the client and the nature of the problem. Generally, individuals will receive between eight and ten sessions, lasting approximately one hour per session. A $60 fee will be assessed per session.