December 6, 2020, Dr. Graham was installed as Interim Pastor, Skyline Baptist Church, Rome, NY.  In March of 2021, he became the stated pastor of the church and continues to the present as senior Pastor. The Morning Worship convenes at 11:00 a.m., weekly, and is streamed live each Sunday morning.  The Skyline website:  www.skylinerome.org
January, 2023, Pastor Graham and his wife, Diane, have retired to Milford, Delaware, where they serve in the Berean Community Church. The church is pastored by their son, Nathaniel M. Graham, a Master’s Seminary graduate and doctoral candidate with the Shepherd Theolocgical Seminary in Cary, NC. 

Serving local churches for more than forty-five years, Dr. Mark L. Graham  concluded his pastoral tenure, June, 2019,  with the Grace Bible Church of Fayetteville where he had ministered nearly twenty years.

For eight years, Dr. Graham taught Biblical Counseling as adjunct professor at the Empire State Baptist Theological Seminary. He has taught, counseled, and written extensively on both theological and behavioral issues from the Christian dynamic. The latest book he has written is entitled, “Harnessing the Harassment of Human Fears,” and is available through Westbow Press in most local bookstores.

Dr. Graham has been actively involved in Christian Radio, The Mars Hill Network, 102.9 FM, and hosts a program weekly to an audience of over two million  listeners, from Canada to Long Island. He will continue in this capacity while supplying both pulpit and conference ministries as pastor-at-large with the Network.

Pastor Graham has also served the Fayetteville-Manlius School District for eighteen years with student transportation. Over the years he has coached wrestling in various school districts, as well. The former, three time collegiate wrestling champion resides in Fayetteville with his wife, Diane. The Grahams have four grown children who are actively involved in ministries where they live.   

W.M.H.R. Release

Dr. Mark Graham, pastor, author, and biblical counselor is now available as a Mars Hill resource to your local church. Teaching on a variety of counseling issues, or biblical subjects in a seminar format, or pulpit supply—Pastor Graham brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in serving local churches. For more information, or to schedule an engagement with Dr. Graham, check the Mars Hill Website.

Teaching Topics

The Gospel of John

Pastor Graham has mined the text of John’s Gospel for more than twelve years. Insights from John are practically explained and are suited for short term pulpit supply, or for a longer study series. Other expositions include: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I and II Thessalonians,  II Peter.

Seminar Topics

Pastor Graham has taught and written extensively on biblical counseling subjects. Dr. Graham brings his finds out of the classroom and counseling session to assist the local church in a broad realm of spiritual application, i.e., marriage and family; relational facilitators/impediments; fear; depression, etc., along with the nature and responsibility of biblical counseling itself.

For Christians with an appetite to learn and dig deeper, you will be encouraged with what Dr. Graham brings to the table. Watch the web for on-site lecture series with times and dates to be posted.